Why should a club consider this cover?

This cover is designed to protect golfers for who are not affiliated with Golf Australia and don’t have access to the Golf Australia Personal Liability Insurance policy for their legal liability to others while playing or practising within Club grounds. In the event of a claim involving a guest, should the guest not have adequate cover, it is possible the club could be held partially responsible for damages.

In conjunction with Golf Australia, Marsh have designed a solution allowing Clubs to purchase stand-alone cover for guest/green fee paying players. More information on the policy can located within the Downloads section of the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do players need Public Liability insurance?
Should a player personally injure a third party or cause property damage whilst playing golf (including using a golf cart), they may be liable to pay compensation for damages. In this event, if deemed negligent, the policy would respond.
What if a guest / green fee paying player is a member of another golf club?
If the guest / green fee paying player is a member of an affiliated golf club and has a Golf Australia handicap, on the basis they are financial at the club they are a member, he/she will already be covered through Golf Australia’s Personal Liability policy.
How much is the cover?
The cost of the cover is $1.00 per round/per player.
Can I pay by the month?
Yes, we can arrange a premium funding option for you through our premium funding provider. Please note that premium funding is not a direct debit, but a loan that is taken out through the funder, please contact us for more information.
How can the player make a claim?
Download the claim form under the the Downloads section of the page and following the prescribed claim protocol. Alternatively call 1300 134 956
Can Marsh assist with the Club’s other policies?
Yes. Marsh’s dedicated Sport practice can assist the Club with their broader program. Please contact Marsh Sport to speak to a dedicated advisor.
Have another question? Please contact Marsh Sport on 1300 130 373 or at sport@marsh.com


How to lodge a claim

In the event of a claim where the guest / green fee paying player is deemed responsible, please follow the following claims procedure.

  • Download claim form
  • Notify Marsh immediately via phone on 1300 130 373 or email sport@marsh.com
  • Have the guest complete the claim form with the club administrator check and sign to ensure completion. Send the claim form to sport@marsh.com
  • Should there be any property damage, Do Not authorise repair until received confirmation from the insurer.