The Online Risk Management Module is an annual requirement for club registration. It only takes a few minutes of your time and is linked to MyCricket through Cricket Australia.

Completing the Online Risk Management Module will unlock your club’s Certificate of Currency.

Club Search

  1. Type part of your club’s name (e.g. “Melb”) and/or select your State, then press Search
  2. Find your club’s name from the list that appears below
  3. Choose the option that is available (e.g. “Please Complete”, “Download”)

Choose your club or association

Important Note

If your club’s name does not appear in the list below, this means that your State Body has not confirmed your participation in the 2023/2024 policy period of the National Club Risk Protection Program, or that you have not registered via MyCricket web site.

Please contact your State Body if you believe you should be accessing an invoice or Certificate of Currency.

Do you require further assistance?

Please contact Marsh for Insurance and Risk Protection Information and Club Registrations