Asset Protect

Asset Protect is an insurance product available to sporting Clubs, Leagues and Associations throughout Australia. It is a policy that provides very important cover for your clubs’ property and assets and provides protection against fire, theft, damage etc.

Asset Protect cover is not automatically included within the Australian Cricket National Club Risk Protection Programme. It is available as an optional policy that can be taken out at any time and renewed to the common due date of 31 August so that all of the club’s insurance policies are due at the same time.

The following sections of cover are available within an Asset Protect policy:

Fire & Perils (including Buildings cover) Replacement cover for buildings and/or contents following damage or a large loss such as fire or storm.
Business Interruption Financial compensation for lost income following an interruption to the club’s business.
Theft Repair or replacement cover for contents including stock, sporting equipment, computers and electronic equipment following a break-in.
Glass Breakage Coverage for breakage of fixed internal or external glass.
Money Cover for theft or loss of money whilst on the premises, in a locked safe, at a private residence or in transit.
General Property Coverage for items taken away from the premises such as sporting equipment, video cameras etc.
Computer & Electronic Equipment Breakdown Coverage for reinstatement, replacement or repair of electronic equipment.
Machinery Breakdown Coverage for reinstatement, replacement or repair of broken machinery.

The standard claims excess is $200 (higher excesses apply for earthquake, cyclone and other major losses). You can nominate a higher standard excess ($500) to reduce your premium slightly.

Want to apply for cover?

If you want to obtain a quote for Asset Protect cover, please complete the Asset Protect Application form and return to Marsh via email.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about Asset Protect cover or need something explained please contact Marsh on 1300 130 373.