Upgrade Your Cover

What is it?

The opportunity for clubs to purchase additional cover above the standard Bronze level provided to all insured clubs under the AFL Programme (VCFL & NSW clubs automatically receive the Silver level of cover).


Upgrading cover is OPTIONAL. Clubs should consider the costs to players and inform members of all decisions made by the club in regard to Upgrading Cover.

Who Can Upgrade?

Any club/league/association can choose to upgrade one or all components of the Personal Injury cover. Most upgrade options are available on a per team basis with the exception of Loss of Income cover, which can be purchased by individual members.

Umpiring Associations and Representative Teams can also choose to upgrade their Personal Injury Cover (one upgrade option only).

What Covers Can Be Upgraded?

Non-Medicare Medical
Increase the non-Medicare reimbursements that members receive if injured.
Capital Benefits
Increase the compensation payable for Paraplegia and Quadriplegia events.

Loss of Income Cover

Loss of Income Cover is an optional extra that clubs or individuals can elect to purchase for additional premium.

This section of the Programme covers income lost as a result of a football related injury.

The cover will be either 80% of the player’s net weekly income or the dollar amount selected by the club/individual – whichever is the lesser.


The various premiums are detailed within the relevant Optional Upgrade Forms found below.

Optional Upgrade Forms

Download and complete one of the following Upgrade Forms. Any upgraded cover is effective from the date Marsh receive your completed Upgrade Form and payment.

All Clubs Optional Upgrade Form


VCFL & NSW Clubs Optional Upgrade Form


AFL Masters Optional Upgrade Form


Umpiring Association Optional Upgrade Form


Representative Teams Optional Upgrade Form


Volunteers Optional Upgrade Form


Frequently Asked Questions

How many players per team?


How long is the waiting period for Loss of Income

14 Days

Can an individual player purchase Loss of Income cover

Yes – Individuals can purchase one of two types of Loss of Income. Non-Football Related Income or Football Income – Match Payments. To view the premium costs associated with purchasing individual Loss of Income click on the following link and go to page 6 & 7

Why can’t I claim the Medicare Gap

The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) strictly prohibits any general insurer from covering any item that is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This also means that regardless of your out of pocket expenses, it is against the law for the Insurer to cover you for the Medicare Gap. Private Health Insurers are the only insurers who can reimburse of the Medicare Gap.

If my Medical Costs aren’t covered by Medicare but my Private Health does cover costs, can I still claim?

Yes, you can still claim, however, you must claim via your Private Health fund first. Then lodge claim via AFL National Risk Protection Programme.