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For all players at a club or association level.

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Who is Covered

All players registered with an affiliated AFL Club enjoy the benefits of Personal Injury cover.

What is Covered

The Personal Injury cover starts at a standard level called Bronze

Bronze Level Cover

  • Non-Medicare Medical Costs
    • 50% Reimbursement
    • $2,000 max. per claim
    • $100 excess per claim
  • Capital Benefits
    • $100,000*
  • Quadriplegia/
    Paraplegia Benefit
    • $1,000,000 maximum

All VCFL and NSW clubs are on Silver as a Base level.

*For terms and conditions and further details on our policies and benefits contact Marsh on 1300 130 373

Please keep in mind

Personal Injury cover is a policy for injuries occurring due to an accident. It is not a sickness or illness policy.

Personal Injury cover can pay for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses. These include physio, chiro, dental, ambulance transport and private hospital accommodation.

Personal Injury cover is not Private Health Insurance or Life Insurance.


It is strongly recommended that all players investigate their personal insurance needs. Players should consider the benefits of:

  • Private health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Loss of Income (particularly for self-employed players)
  • Ambulance Subscription


Upgrading cover is optional and is available for teams or individuals. Upgrade options include:

  • Increasing Non-Medicare benefits
  • Adding Loss of Income cover

Some States and Leagues do this automatically so check with your club what level of benefits you qualify for.


Summary of Cover Policy Wording

Find out more. call Marsh on 1300 130 373


A Personal Injury claim form is located on the Downloads page of this website or can be obtained by contacting Marsh directly on 1300 130 373.

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