Club Liability

When you give your time and energy to a club, you want to make certain you’re not risking your personal or the organisation’s financial security That's why you need a Management Liability insurance policy. It provides protection for you and the organisation in the event of legal action if sued for

Who is Covered?

Affiliated Associations, Clubs, members, coaches, referees, officials, voluntary workers, first aid persons and administration personnel.

Coverage Limits & Excess

Management Liability
$10,000,000 in the aggregate during the period of insurance
$15,000 Excess
AIG Australia Limited

Extra Information about this Policy

Management Liability insurance is ONLY available to incorporated entities! If your club is not incorporated, individual committee members run the risk of exposing their home, car and financial assets.

A Management Liability policy has important exclusions that you should be aware of including but not limited to:

  • Fraud – any claim in consequence of a deliberate fraudulent act
  • Insolvency – financial impairment of the insured organisation
  • Known dishonesty
  • Losses sustained from accounts at banks where only one signatory is required for transactions

Hot tip…

It is strongly recommended that you implement a programme to ensure that all claims are identified and notified immediately and within the policy period to avoid the possibility of a claim being denied.

Examples of Management Liability Claims

Directors and Officers

Legal action is taken against the club for defamation of a club member. This came about as a result of information printed in the monthly club newsletter.

Employement Practices

Legal action is taken against the club for the unfair dismissal of a senior coach.

Employee Theft

The club treasurer has been stealing money from the accounts over a period of time and the club now needs to claim the losses.