Club Risk Standards

How does it work?

A set list of Standards is divided into three categories:

  1. Footy Risks: These are risks that clubs face directly relating to playing and training
  2. Club Risks: These are general risks that clubs face in running the club
  3. Committee Risks: These risks are faced by club committees

The Club Risk Standards works on a self-assessment basis. The club ticks off a Standard when the committee is confident the requirements have been achieved. A number of the Standards will be subjective and it will be at the discretion of the club to use your best judgement. For example, an appropriately stocked first aid kit will depend on the number of teams and the number of grounds in use and this will vary from club to club.

Each of the Standards asks the club to reach a certain requirement, for example, the club must use and continue to use the Marsh AFL Match Day Checklist. If the club believes they are doing this then you can tick this box indicating that your club achieves this Standard.

Each Standard has a Description option to better describe the risk faced by the club. A Support option is also provided that allows clubs to directly link to resources that will help them achieve the Standard.

Getting Started

You need to register your club when you first start simply by completing the registration process. You can then view the Standards the club needs to address.

Your club can work through the Standards, ticking off each one as your club achieves the set criteria. The website will save your progress each time.

AFL Quality Club Program

The club may have already achieved some Standards through the completion of other programs such as the AFL Quality Club Program. For example, the Standard of coach accreditation is very relevant in reducing risks, so it is part of the Club Risk Standards. Your club may have already satisfied this Standard by completing the Quality Club Program. If this is the case, then it is a simple matter of ticking the box, declaring that the club has satisfied this Standard.

Annual Audit

The Standard’s that your club has satisfied and ticked are automatically un-ticked on November 1 each year. This is because each football season brings new risks. There is no point complying with Working with Children legislation for a single year and then not re-checking when new coaches and new team managers arrive at the club for the following season. For this reason, each Standard needs to be addressed each year.